Mr. Mikes

The first Mr. Mikes was opened in 1960 by two brothers, Bob and Nick Constabaris, who wanted nothing more than to offer an amazing steak dinner at an affordable price. Their goal was to establish a casual restaurant where everyone felt welcome.

Over the past decade, MR MIKES restaurants have embraced the heritage that was established back in 1960 and revitalized the brand by introducing the concept of SteakhouseCasual.

Inspired by their passion for great food and fun social gatherings, the term SteakhouseCasual was coined by the trifecta of entrepreneurs behind the modern MR MIKES brand: Mike Codoba, Al Cave, and Robin Chakrabarti. Together, they created a place where people can connect through unique experiences driven by memorable moments on a platform of great food, ambiance, and Canadianocity.