Mr. Lube

Mr Lube is a franchise business with a history of innovation and a tradition of leadership in the quick service oil change industry. Mr Lube began with a unique business idea (oil changes and minor car maintenance without an appointment) and was the first quick lube business in North America. Mr Lube has a strong presence across Canada and is the market leader in its category.

In 1976, Arnold and Clifford Giese, a hardworking, forward-thinking father and son team, set up their very first Mr. Lube location. They did so with some lofty goals and a clear vision of what their customers should be able to expect. The plan was simple: to deliver no hassle, fast turn-around oil changes without having to make an appointment.

It all started in a little town called Edmonton, Alberta. This was where the first Mr. Lube store was born, and right from the start, it proved to be a great success. Realizing they had hit on something special, Arnold and Clifford allowed other like-minded entrepreneurs to get in on the act with their franchise program. Set out in 1981, this program made sure that every new location held true to the original ideals set out by our founders.

The timing was perfect. Before long, Mr. Lube locations started popping up all over Canada. Since then, Mr. Lube has grown into Canada’s largest quick lube brand and has evolved into a complete automotive maintenance service provider. With over 180 locations, and new additions being introduced all of the time, the story is just beginning.